Cisco VoIP management: Summary and conclusions

We conclude our look at Cisco VoIP management with a set of recommendations about how to select and operate a VoIP solution.

Enterprises now have solid choices of management solutions for their Cisco VoIP deployment. The short list for any enterprise should include Prognosis, Infovista, or Cisco. I recommend mapping your plans to the right combination of software and services within the VoIP management cycle.


When evaluating VoIP management solutions for Cisco environments, network managers should keep in mind the following:

  • Evaluate management solutions before you go into production. Too often network managers wait until they go "live" before they evaluation of management solutions. Pre-deployment testing is crucial to ensure the success of any VoIP deployment.
  • Determine which management tasks to outsource. Make this a part of the early lifecycle phases. Select a partner and a set of management tools that fosters visibility into the partners' service and flexible relationship.
  • Appropriately assess the overall cost. Acquisition cost and total cost of ownership are two different things and often gets used interchangeably. Decision makers within the enterprise must include the ongoing cost of operations and must be assessed in pre-deployment stages, not post-deployment.


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