School network brings increased protection

Managed security provider Earthwave has released ISONet, a security management system designed for the safety and protection of student and staff information.

Earthwave Corporation, an Australian IT managed security service provider, recently announced the release of ISONet — a security management system designed specifically for the safety and protection of student and staff information.

The Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW) knew of the problems associated with security management and sought to find a solution, collaborating with St. Andrews Cathedral School to test the new system.

"Network-to-network sharing created problems of filtration and hacking — so we began the initiative of a total management process. We acknowledged the need for flexibility and we aimed to provide that with this service. We desired safety levels only seen previously in the high end corporate environment" stated Frank Brooks, director of ICT.

Carlo Minassian, founder and CEO of Earthwave, stated that: "The school has experienced a positive and rapid return on their initial investment. The pricing model has also been of great benefit for them, as it only costs $35 per student a year to maintain this system."

Designed to free up IT staff by addressing both internal and external threats, the school has found that the system has blocked up to 85"“90% of emails sent to school addresses, lessening the number of attacks on the school system. The model is also used in both the commercial and enterprise settings.

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