Vodafone chooses Ericsson for HSPA rollout

Ericsson will act as the primary vendor for Vodafone's new HSPA mobile broadband network, scheduled to be completed late this year.

Ericsson will act as the primary hardware and software vendor for Vodafone's new Australian HSPA mobile broadband network, scheduled to be completed late this year.

The upgraded network will feature a maximum theoretical download bandwidth of 14.4 Mbps. Vodafone claims the upgraded network will reach "95% of the areas where Australians live and work".

"In addition to benefiting regional Australia, our national network upgrade will deliver significant increases in upload and download speeds for urban customers travelling outside the cities," said Russell Hewitt, CEO of Vodafone Australia.

Both companies will deploy network engineering teams throughout Australia to upgrade the network infrastructure.

Regarding the partnership with Vodafone, Ericsson's ANZ CEO Bill Zikou said: "Ericsson has many of Australia's best network engineers already working on our rollout schedule and technology solution and our teams in all states and territories are keen to get started on this incredibly exciting project."

While existing Vodafone mobile phones and mobile broadband devices will continue to work as before, customers wanting the higher speeds made possible by the network will need to upgrade their device.

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