World’s first quality of service certification for providers

The first batch of MEF 14 certified service providers has been announced by the Metro Ethernet Forum.

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has announced the first group of providers to offer services certified for service quality and performance. Until now, every program in the industry has only certified correct functionality, not quality of service.

This certification ensures conformance to the MEF quality of service attributes - a requirement of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) supporting simultaneous real-time and data intensive business applications.

"The national network tests ran coast-to-coast and the international ones spanned the globe using real enterprise networks," said Nan Chen, president of the Metro Ethernet Forum.

"This was no 'walk in the park' as all services were subjected to extremely aggressive criteria, representing up to ten times the standard of typical service level agreements," said Bob Mandeville, president of Iometrix, the company that tests conformance for MEF 14.

Together, MEF 9 and MEF 14 cover the complete set of Carrier Ethernet Service Attributes defined in the core definitional technical document MEF 10.

Companies now certified include AT&T, COLT, Embarq, Neon, NTL Telewest, Optimum Lightpath, RCN, Swisscom, Time Warner Cable, Verison and VSNL International.

In addition to these 11 companies, a further five are expecting to be named this summer, with others queuing to apply.

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