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This chapter download from Video Communications - The Whole Picture explains mobile interactive voice and mobile videoconferencing.

In this book, case studies document how people are communicating via video conferences with broadcast quality reception. The authors detail how the proliferation of IP networks has driven quality improvements and cost savings in video and has forced service providers and equipment vendors to pay more than just lip service to their ability to deliver video.

The book also provides background on the history of video communications and why balky ISDN systems have never been able to deliver on the promise of videoconferencing. Also included is extensive coverage of the mobile video revolution, as video communications and collaboration become practical with smartphones, PDAs, and IP-enabled phones over broadband networks such as GSM, EVDO, and WiMAX.

Click here to view Chapter 9: Mobile video conferencing and interative multimedia

Chapter 9 addresses the dynamic reality and immense potential presented by mobile communications. This chapter discusses newly enabled services such as mobile streaming media, mobile TV, and of course the pinnacle of mobile multimedia; mobile interactive voice and mobile videoconferencing.

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