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TechTarget ANZ's slightly skewed look at this weeks news.

TechTarget ANZ's slightly skewed look at this weeks news.

Sometimes you've got to wonder about just how much people want to prove Bill Gates wrong. The Microsoft Chairman has been staring down the world over the last week with bold challenges to anyone brave enough to crack Windows Vista's security.

So along comes someone's bright idea to somehow turn on Vista's speech recognition features and then play the computer an audio file that tells it to lower the drawbridge so that the forces of evil can find their way inside.

Turns out the attack will work, if about a thousand other variables all fall into place.

So take that, Bill!

But also take that, you! Plenty of this kind of stuff is really quackery, dreamed up by folks who want some short term attention when the media is particularly interested in one topic or another.

For example, a couple of weeks back we noticed that RSA was distributing a rather alarmist media release well after the threat it described had been denied, discredited and dispelled. When we asked them why they persisted when they should have known their approach was based on old and inaccurate information, they suddenly went all quiet...

This is not to say that security is something to take lightly. The opposite is plainly the case.

But sometimes we wonder whether it is sensible to take every piece of news about security risks seriously.

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Web site of the week...

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His raw materials? Ten Dell server boxes that he found at work. He's laminating them with extreme cunning into what looks like a very cool cubbyhouse.

Oh and what he knows about cardboard could now fill a book.

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