A Series of Tubes Episode 70: Coping with software licenses under virtualisation

This week's edition of our networking podcast considers how to manage software licenses under organisational.

Virtualisation has been one of the hot topics of 2008. But the technology has held pitfalls both technical and administrative. The technician has lots to think about - system loads, application management, server management and more.

But IT administration can also suffer headaches in the world of virtualisation - such as how many licenses are needed in a virtualised environment.

This year, Microsoft took a look at its licensing and decided that a new model is needed for virtualisation users. This week, Microsoft's Craig Martin explains the new licensing regime to A Series of Tubes.

And in this week's sponsor interview, Tubes goes trend-spotting with Nortel's Mitch Radomir, covering IP telephony, Web services, hosted services, and - yes - virtualisation.

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