Greenpeace: IT industry must do more on climate change

Greenpeace has challenged the IT industry to do more to cut greenhouse gases.

Greenpeace has challenged the IT industry to do more to cut greenhouse gases.

The charity has launched a campaign to encourage technology staff to put pressure on their employers to improve their climate change strategies.

The IT industry can potentially help cut global carbon emissions by 15% by 2020, but the organisation says IT staff need to push their employers to make sure this happens. The emissions cuts needed to avoid the worst consequences of climate change are 50% by 2050, making the technology sector crucial.

Greenpeace has also reported on the huge amounts of e-waste being dumped in developing countries.

Greenpeace said, "Techies are the IT industry's main constituency: they are its employees, customers and fans, and when they collectively demand climate leadership, and greener gadgets, and futuristic, awe-inspiring IT climate solutions from the CEOs of major IT corporations the industry will sit up and take notice."

It says the industry stands to gain profit and admiration if it puts its energies into finding solutions for climate change. Companies should not only be providing IT climate solutions, but also accurate measurements of the positive impact these solutions will have overall.

Greenpeace will be rating the performance of the CEOs of major IT companies such as Nokia, Cisco, Fujitsu, IBM and Dell. They are calling for IT leaders to lobby for a deal at the UN Climate Summit due at the end of this year in Copenhagen. The charity is also inviting IT staff to place their bets on who is most likely to improve their performance.

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