Security concerns hamper collaboration plans

Half of firms putting on hold collaboration solutions due to security concerns

Concerns over security are derailing plans to adopt collaboration solutions in over half of companies according to a survey of information security professionals by Internet security provider Webroot.

Yet despite this, the survey, encompassing the views of large enterprises and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), found that a quarter will continue with collaboration plans, despite security concerns. Only 15% of those surveyed said that they had resolved their security issues and were pressing ahead with collaboration plans while the remaining 10% did not have collaboration plans.

Commented Gerhard Eschelbeck, Chief Technology Officer of Webroot, “This survey shows us that the majority of information security professionals have concern for the security issues brought about by collaboration.  This is understandable, because although productivity gains from collaborative working can be substantial, it can leave organisations exposed. 

"With the advent of interactive Web 2.0 technologies, malware purveyors have more opportunities to insert their programs onto Web sites and spread them to users worldwide.  However, we advise companies to embrace collaboration, but deal with security in advance. ”

Paul Simmonds, Jericho Forum board member and Global IS Integrated Assurance Director of AstraZeneca, added, “A quarter of those surveyed will proceed with collaboration, despite security concerns, which is a major indication that collaboration is a prominent direction for business, even those who have not yet addressed security.  However, to collaborate securely requires a supportive architecture…Without that foundational work in place, many companies may choose to implement insecure solutions.”


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