Jack Straw clamps down on freedom of information

Days after the Information Tribunal forced...

Days after the Information Tribunal ordered the government to reveal the results of the Office of Government Commerce's Gateway reviews of big public IT projects, justice minister Jack Straw has vowed to clamp down on Freedom of Information requests.

The move came just after Straw told parliament he would veto the publication of cabinet minutes related to the decision to go to war in Iraq.

New restrictions could be placed on the disclosure of the identities of civil servants, the release of cabinet documents and the publication of advice by officials.

A review published last month recommended secret documents be published after 15 rather thn 30 years. Ministers and officials could use this to bring in new restrictions on releasing information.

This followed a backlash in Whitehall over the material they were being forced to release by the ICO and the Information Tribunal.

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