Jack Straw falls victim to Nigerian e-mail scam

Jack Straw 's constituency office...

Jack Straw's constituency office has been hit by an e-mail fraud that saw hundreds of his contacts receive requests for money.

The e-mails went out to Ministry of Justice Officials, Labour members, constituents and council bosses. They contained a request for money, saying Jack Straw had lost his wallet while doing charity work in Africa and needed $3,500 to get home.

Between 100 and 200 emails are thought to have been sent to people in Straw's constituency Blackburn, the Lancashire Telegraph reported.

On Thursday staff at the constituency office received an e-mail saying the account would be suspended unless they replied.

But when they did reply, they were blocked out of the account and the scam e-mail was sent out saying Straw was in Nigeria and needed money to settle hotel bills.

Nobody offered any money, although one constituent replied.

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