Wanted: £120,000 government Facebook director

The government is looking for a director of digital engagement to improve its use of

The government is looking for a director of digital engagement to improve its use of social networking tools.

The new director will be paid somewhere between £81,600 and £160,000. The Prime Minister's basic allowance is £130,000.

Within two years of starting, the successful candidate will need to have embedded digital engagement techniques in the normal work of government.

The job advert acknowledges that engagement in the digital space is a young profession. But it says the vacancy requires someone who is acknowledged by their peer group to be a leader in this field.

The advert also stipulates: "The successful candidate will have a CV that creates instant credibility and confidence with ministers, senior officials and digital communicators in Whitehall."

But the job advert warns: "You will be accountable for leading government's new focus on digital engagement, which is central to government priorities and with significant risk of reputational damage if this does not happen or government gets it wrong."

The director of digital engagement will be charged with producing a strategy for extending governmental digital engagement and replacing costly traditional forms of engagement with cheaper digital forms.

The advert also says: "The director will introduce new techniques and software for digital engagement, such as 'jams' into government."

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