RIM demos new security and mobile voice features of next-gen Argon BlackBerry server

Today, BlackBerry creator RIM revealed new features of its next generation BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0 platform, code-named Argon, including security aspects and the MVS mobile voice system.

Today, BlackBerry creator RIM revealed new features of its next-generation BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0 platform, code-named Argon.

At the exclusive press preview in New York this afternoon, RIM demonstrated the new platform, along with new BlackBerry Professional business applications.

The firm also revealed new security technologies and the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS).

BlackBerry MVS Server allows companies to link their BlackBerry devices into the corporate phone system to carry out advanced telephony functions.

The advanced telephony functions include being able to use the BlackBerry as though it were a desk phone, which means the user only has to give out one number, and can use their corporate voicemail system from the device; to do mobile conferencing from the BlackBerry, and in some situations, make free inbound and outgoing calls over the public and cell phone networks, to reduce a company's call costs.

Alan Panezic, VP of software product management at RIM, said: "BlackBerry is much more than a device. It’s an architecture for mobile-enabling an enterprise."

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