Barclays uses software to save space

Barclays bank has used software to help it use space more effectively after merging its London - based offices into...

Barclays bank has used software to help it use space more effectively after merging its London-based offices into its UK headquarters.

Thebank closed down 11 satellite offices and moved all staff to its Canary Wharf building bringing the total number of staff in the headquarters to more than 9000.

Barclays introduced hot-desking. It is using software from supplier RNM Systems to help it use the limited space.

Andrew Howells, IT integration manager at Barclays facilities management, said the bank needed to reduce the cost of office space per employee.

"The problem is that people go to the same desk every day and it is unused when they are not there," said Howells.

"We needed an application that could manage desks, rooms, car parks as well as visitors," said Howells. "The previous system was OK but only if you knew which room you wanted.You could not request a room across the whole building."

The new systemallowsworkers to sign in every day so the company knows which desks are in use.

The bank hopes to eventually have 1.4 workers per workstation.

The Condeco software is also used by Barclays in India and Singapore. The bank plans tointroduce it in a new building in Shanghai when complete. Barclays has 22,000 registered users including managers, PAs and facilities staff.

Howells said the software was easy to use. The biggest challenge was migrating 60,000 pre-bookings from the old system to the new one ready for day one.

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