Orange provides extra juice to mobile broadband network

Operator builds out mobile broadband network in Northern Ireland and expects 20% improvement for voice and data performance

As part of its strategy to address the fundamental mobile computing issue of mobile broadband footprint and quality of service, Orange has completed its 3G HSPA (3G+) network in Northern Ireland.

As businesses strive to become more flexible and extend their business to every possible point, they will only succeed in doing so if there is a fast and reliable mobile broadband network, available at these places.With the new move Orange says it now offers over 94% and over 70% 3G and 3G+ population coverage respectively  across the UK. The operator adds that it has made a major future proof network investment in the area the province, following making a similar development in Scotland.

Improved 3G voice and data coverage for those living, working or travelling in are claimed to be the key benefits of the new network which covers cities and towns, as well as major roads, rail routes, business parks and conference centres, hotels and airports.

Orange says that mobile computing users in both Northern Ireland and Scotland have benefited from the recent upgrade programme and declares that some 760 sites across the two countries have been upgraded resulting in a 20% improvement in network performance for both voice and data.

Commented Pete Marsden, vice president IT & Networks, “At Orange we are proud of our commitment to give all our customers access to robust and reliable networks. We are investing heavily in updating and improving our infrastructure to meet our goal of being the best UK network for coverage and reliability.”


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