Broadband drops 25% at peak times

UK broadband speeds drop by over 25% when demand is at its highest, according to a comparison site

UK broadband speeds drop by over 25% at peak times, according to comparison website

The overnight levels show a higher average speed (4.534Mbps) than the evening peak period (3.38Mbps) with the day time use between the two (3.8 Mbps).

This means work still needs to be done to increase capacity to meet demand, said spokesman Edd Dawson.

Broadband speed tests carried out on the site in December also show that the average speed of UK broadband has increased for the first time since July 2008.

"The average speed UK wide is up by just over 14% to 3.667 Mbps," said Edd Dawson.

The tests show Virgin is in the lead as the UK's fastest broadband provider with an average download speed of 6.073Mbps.

Be/02 is closing the gap at 5.905Mbps and was also rated the most stable provider with the smallest drop at peak times of just over 11%.

Tiscali showed a drop of just under 40% at peak times.

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