Cisco buys home networking firm Pure

Cisco is to acquire Pure Networks for £60m.

Cisco is to acquire Pure Networks for £60m. This will allow its consumers to easily manage their digital home networks.

Cisco believes the industry is undergoing a transition from "Home Networking 1.0", in which home networks are largely designed to share a broadband connection that links PCs and peripherals, to "Home Networking 2.0", in which the multimedia-enabled home will be made up of a number of different network devices, applications and services that are connected to one another.

The acquisition of Pure Networks, says Cisco, will provide it with a fully integrated home networking-management solution, that will also serve as the foundation for the development of new applications, tools and capabilities for consumers to use in an increasingly connected life at home, work and on the go.

Pure Networks currently partners with Cisco to provide the software infrastructure and tools used to create the Linksys Easy Link Advisor (LELA), which allows a consumer to more easily set up, organise, manage, secure and use a home network.

The acquisition will enable further development of the existing LELA platform, which will serve as the base for new multimedia-enabled applications, tools and capabilities.

Pure Networks' products and systems can also provide the foundation for service providers to manage home networks on behalf of consumers, says Cisco.

After completion of the acquisition, Pure Networks' employees will remain in Seattle and be integrated into Cisco firm Linksys.

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