Successful phishing prompts call for behavioural analysis

Behavioural analysis could have prevented employee inadvertently handing over access to customer database

Tier-3, a behavioural analysis IT security software specialist, has warned companies of the need to install behavioural analysis software on their systems, following the successful phishing of the company database at


 According to Geoff Sweeney, Tier-3's CTO, one of’s employees was tricked by a phishing email and inadvertently handed over access to the firm's customer database. The result, he said, was having to send an explanatory email to almost a million customers this week, asking them to be vigilant against bogus emailed invoices that appear to come from the company.


"This is a classic situation where popularly deployed security technologies can’t be relied upon to protect organisations against these types of threats, if the companies concerned have real time behavioural analysis software installed on their systems, even if they open the bogus emails, any unauthorised interactions with their PC, including the installation of Trojans other malware and data leakage, could have been locked down," Sweeney added.



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