Enterprises reject ripping out data warehouses

Clear majority of enterprises favour incremental augmentation over rip and replace solutions for data warehouse platforms

According to a market survey conducted by Dataupia and the Business Intelligence Network, today’s enterprises favour incremental augmentation over rip and replace solutions for data warehouse platforms.   


The study’s findings reveal that 75% of respondents surveyed would rather incrementally augment their current platform than engage in a rip and replace scenario to meet growing information and data warehousing demands.  


Even though the two firms say that this statistic on its own was not surprising, drivers such as budget approval, overall cost and time constraints are revealed ion the survey and offer a more detailed insight into the current state of data warehousing within the enterprise.  



The survey shows that a many data warehousing administrators and businesses are facing the pressure of having to deliver faster, more complex query reporting across multiple databases and new applications with current infrastructure constraints and interoperability limitations.


The survey shows that with a rip and replace solution, the time from initial budget approval to deployment, as well as cost, are big concerns for enterprises across industries.  Three quarters said it would take more than a year to revamp their infrastructure and implement a new data warehouse solution.  Drilling down even further, just more than half (53%) estimated it could take one to three years to gain budget approval for such a project.  


Cost was a considerable pain point for respondents across the board.  Again nearly three quarters (71%) said that it would cost more than $500 thousand to replace their current systems, and almost half (46%) reported that the cost would fall between $1 and $3 million.  


These expenses are largely attributed to the many interdependent parts of a data warehouse platform. The thought of revamping a data warehouse infrastructure was so daunting to enterprises that when asked the likelihood of their organisation approving a new platform, only a fifth reported that they would be likely to do so even if a good business case could be made.  






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