Top companies ignore invester email enquiries, says survey

Nearly half FTSE 100 companies and most leading Nasdaq companies are failing...

Nearly half FTSE 100 companies and most leading Nasdaq companies are failing to respond to email enquiries by investors, according to research by UK public relations company Rainier PR.

The survey revealed that only 38% of the top 100 Nasdaq and 53% of FTSE 100 companies responded to staged investor email enquiries with appropriate answers within a three week period.

The companies were sent a standard email request at the middle of the UK and US working day using the contact details on the corporations' websites.

There was a wide range of response times, ranging from under three minutes to more than two weeks, the survey found. The fastest FTSE response times were from Smiths, BG Group, and Royal Dutch Shell, which responded in less than 10 minutes.

"These results must come as a wake up call for top companies," said Steve Earl, managing director of Rainier PR. "Email is one of the foremost research and communication tool for investors, so it is shocking these companies have apparently disregarded the questions of a potential investor."

The survey showed that a large proportion of high profile Nasdaq technology companies were among the worst offenders, including Sandisk, Research in Motion (RIM), Symantec, Logitech, Garmin, Dell, Checkpoint, and Google.

Some companies in both Exchanges had not investor email option at all. These included Glaxosmithkline and Morrison's supermarkets on the FTSE and Ryanair and Citrix on the Nasdaq.

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