Secure wireless mobility for fixed fee

The new managed service designed to enable business customers to have inclusive voice mobile network access with internet on a fixed cost, per seat basis.

Cable & Wireless has launched a secure, fixed-cost Wi-Fi access package on a managed service basis.   


The new Secure Mobility managed service is designed to enable business customers to have inclusive WiFi, 3G and voice mobile network access with internet roaming to the workforce, on a fixed cost, per seat basis.


C&W claims that the new Secure Mobility service marks a number of industry firsts, namely: the first to market with a fixed, per seat cost model for mobility; the first to offer a combined managed secure network admission solution; the first to combine these with SSL Quick Deployment VPN within a single managed service.


Secure Mobility is said to enable cost-benefit analysis so that businesses can add mobility without introducing additional security threats. Customers have inherent disaster recovery capability through dual site resilience, enhanced business continuity planning ability, reduced office real estate requirement. The end result says the firm is increased productivity through flexible working, improved staff retention and morale.


Explained Tim Ryan, C&W Global Roaming Product Manager for Security and Secure Mobility, “Customers now expect to conduct business through any device, at any time and from any location at home or abroad. Mobility is increasingly business critical for enterprise organisations. Secure Mobility [brings] together all of the critical elements underpinning mobile internet and VPN access into a bitesize managed service for customers.”


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