Bournville College invests in corporate CRM system

Bournville College has deployed a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage its relationship with the business community.

Bournville College has deployed a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage its relationship with the business community.

The college has chosen the Teem (Touchstone Employee Engagement Manager) platform from Touchstone Group.

The platform, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, will be used as part of a new strategic approach by the college to enhance its relationship with corporate clients.

Located in Birmingham, Bournville College offers courses to sixth form students, adults and those seeking personal and professional development.

In recent years, the college has built a strong relationship with local companies, offering either traditional college-based training or bespoke courses on site.

As part of a new strategy to enhance the college's management of corporate clients, Bournville College has chosen Teem to support the work of its business development operation.

Teem helps colleges of further education establish and manage key relationships with business clients and constituents, such as governing bodies, skills brokers and other educational establishments.

Eddie Cottis, project manager at Bournville College, said, "Most colleges now focus on the corporate and SME sectors, seeking to provide a range of flexible alternatives for training.

"Teem allows our business development operation to target these sectors more effectively, avoiding duplication and ensure there are no gaps."

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