Thus connects Wales & West Utilities

Wales & West Utilities is connecting remote workers to connect to the corporate network through a 12 month deal with Thus.

Wales & West Utilities is connecting remote workers to connect to the corporate network through a 12 month deal with Thus.

The £255,000 contract with Thus will help workers connect to Vodafone's 3G network, allowing them to send detailed reports from locations back into the main network covering 19 depots across Wales and the South West of England. 

Thus will connect the gas distribution supplier via Sim cards placed in existing laptops. It will provide charges for connections and allow Wales & West Utilities to buy data in bundles of 250Mb per user.

“Wales & West Utilities can now enjoy the benefits of 3G networking without suffering as a result of inefficient data bundles, allowing for a more effective use of resources," said David Harrison, head of infrastructure at West & Wales Utilities.

Further benefits include enhanced billing, utilising controls and cost centres on Wales & West Utilities account for up-to-date, online billing.  Managers will be able to log on to their account via the Thus website to monitor usage and charges for the accounts relevant to their respective depots.

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