SAP admits inappropriate downloading of Oracle files

SAP today admitted its US subsidiary TomorrowNow downloaded Oracle fixes and support documents inappropriately, but denied it ever had access to Oracle’s material.

SAP today admitted its US subsidiary TomorrowNow downloaded Oracle fixes and support documents inappropriately, but denied it ever had access to Oracle’s material.

The US Justice Department has now asked SAP and TomorrowNow for more documents.

Oracle filed suit against SAP and its third-party maintenance house in March. SAP said TomorrowNow was entitled to use its customers’ log-ins to download essential materials to do its work.

In a statement SAP said, “SAP acknowledged that some inappropriate downloads of fixes and support documents occurred at TomorrowNow.”

Henning Kagermann, SAP’s CEO, said, “Even a single inappropriate download is unacceptable from my perspective. When I learned what happened, I promptly took action to strengthen operational oversight at TomorrowNow.”

Oracle’s counsel, Geoff Howard, said, "SAP CEO Henning Kagermann has now admitted to the repeated and illegal downloading of Oracle's intellectual property. Oracle filed suit to discover the magnitude of the illegal downloads and fully understand how SAP used Oracle's intellectual property in its business.

“To the extent requested, Oracle will cooperate with the Department of Justice investigation of SAP announced by the company in its press release."

Oracle filed suit against SAP on 22 March in the Northern District Court of California. Among the claims it made were violations of the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and California Computer Data Access and Fraud Act, unfair competition, intentional and negligent interference with prospective economic advantage and civil conspiracy.

SAP has appointed Mark White, former chief operating officer of SAP America, as TomorrowNOw’s executive chairman.

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