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The question: How do I move from teaching into IT?

After working as a physics teacher for six years, I have decided to train as an IT professional, but I am at a loss as to what qualifications will be best. I have started the Comptia A+ course, but I do not know what to do next. I am a family man so I will prefer to do something where I can begin to earn as I train.

The solution: Focus on Comptia A+, then get an MCSE

With no previous IT experience, the Comptia A+ course is the best starting point. It will teach all the basic skills required across a number of entry-level IT jobs.

The Comptia net+ course, which is a natural progression from the A+, could give you a bit of an advantage over your peers and provide the knowledge necessary to configure and operate a variety of networking products.

These qualifications are obtainable through fast-track teaching methods over four, seven, or 14 days, or through self-study, so you would not need to alter your working hours. As a teacher, you could complete these qualifications outside term time.

It is definitely worth investing in recognised qualifications so that you can apply for jobs with established firms. Targeting larger companies will benefit you in the long run, not only in terms of the broader experience they offer, but also because they are more likely to invest in your ongoing training.

Further down the line, the MCSE qualification would help elevate you as an expert in the operation of Windows applications and servers, taking you to the salary level that you are already accustomed to.

Solution by Robert Chapman, chief executive at The Training Camp

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