IT global carbon emissions ‘the same as aviation’

Global IT use pumps out around 2% of world carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a figure equivalent to aviation, says analyst Gartner.

Global IT use pumps out around 2% of world carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a figure equivalent to aviation, says analyst Gartner.

Gartner says this figure is “unsustainable” and something must be done to reduce it

Gartner’s 2% estimate includes in-use PCs, servers, cooling, fixed and mobile telephony, Lans, office telecoms and printers. The figure also includes the energy used in the production and distribution of large volume devices like PCs and mobile phones.
“During the next five years, increasing financial, environmental, legislative and risk-related pressures will force IT organisations to get ‘greener’, said Gartner analyst Simon Mingay.

“That point will be reached in 2007 and 2008 for some geographies, particularly Europe, with other countries and regions taking longer,” he said.

Gartner said enterprises must do their bit for the environment by starting to measure power consumption, consuming fewer servers and printers by increasing consolidation and using virtualisation, and to stop over-provisioning by improving capacity planning.

Firms can also improve the efficiency of cooling, turn on power management on kit and systems, reuse assets in the organisation, and correctly dispose of all electronic equipment, said the analyst.

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