IBM launches next-generation datawarehouse

IBM is feeding demand for real-time information with the launch of its Dynamic Warehousing business intelligence (BI) strategy.

IBM is feeding demand for real-time information with the launch of its Dynamic Warehousing business intelligence (BI) strategy.

Customers can pull out knowledge from traditional structured sources as well as from audio files, e-mail and other unstructured sources, providing front-line workers with real-time information to inform their business decisions.

IBM is claiming this represents the third generation of datawarehousing. The first wave used query and reporting to understand what had happened; the second wave took this further, using online analytical processing and data mining to analyse historical data and recommend future action. IBM contends that dynamic warehousing enables firms to use that historical analysis for making real-time business decision.

Early users include law enforcement agencies who can present detectives with a list of potential suspects as they reach a crime scene by comparing the incident against similar events. Insurance companies could potentially pick out fraudulent claims before they’ve been approved.

The cornerstone of this new approach is an enhanced version of DB2 9 Viper warehouse that offers a raft of new features including deep compression technology to improve performance and analytics capabilities.

New Starter and Intermediate editions of DB2 will also come under the dynamic warehousing umbrella. For impatient customers, IBM is also introducing Balanced Warehouse with pre-configured hardware, software and storage.

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