Cabinet Office signs flexible shared-service IT contract

The Cabinet Office has switched to a new shared-service ICT contract with Fujitsu Services, worth £8m a year.

The Cabinet Office has switched to a new shared-service ICT contract with Fujitsu Services, worth £8m a year.

The contract allows other public-sector organisations to benefit from the contract, said the Cabinet Office.

Savings for the Cabinet Office will include £2.5m per year and a reduction of more than 300 tonnes of carbon emissions compared with its existing contract.

The new Flex contract can deliver a shared service to multiple public-sector organisations to deliver cost reductions through common infrastructure and more effective collaboration and reuse of systems.

Discussions are already under way with interested public-sector bodies, including the Office of National Statistics, said the Cabinet Office.

Government chief information officer John Suffolk said, “The new Cabinet Office ICT deal is a win–win–win deal, for staff, for taxpayers and for the environment.”

The contract will allow more flexible working and home working, reducing travel and enabling more efficient use of office accommodation.

Users will also be equipped with modern, efficient thin–client devices, which consume a fraction of the energy used by traditional PCs.

This factor alone is expected to reduce carbon emissions by more than 300 tonnes each year, said the department.

The deal is part of the government’s Transforming Government Implementation plan.

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