IBM's Cheetah IDS makes leap to better data centre clustering

IBM has unveiled the next version of Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) with enhanced clustering capabilities for data centres.

IBM has unveiled the next version of Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) with enhanced clustering capabilities for data centres.

The company says the new IDS 11, code-named ‘Cheetah’, is the first data server in the industry to provide clustered data centres with continuous data availability and disaster recovery, regardless of the geographic location or distance between backup datacentre sites.

“IDS 11 will offer our customers a superior combination of lower cost, better performance, near hands free administration and greater reliability,” said Arvind Krishna, vice-president of IBM data servers. 

“The new global availability feature is unmatched ,and will allow IDS to expand its presence in the data centre,” said Krishna.

IBM said IDS 11 borrows information management technology from its mainframe systems to improve performance.

It is aimed at customers with little or no database administration (DBA) support to manage a multitude of remote data server locations, such as retail stores, hotels, banking branches, and hospitals.

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