Boards are opening up to the IT message, say CIOs

The UK's IT leaders are more confident than ever that communication between IT and the board is improving.

The UK's IT leaders are more confident than ever that communication between IT and the board is improving.

As governance, e-commerce and global rationalisation of businesses drives IT higher up the business agenda, lines of communication look to have opened up with the top level of business management.

The finding comes from Computer Weekly's latest quarterly CIO Index survey of the UK's top IT management. It found that 37% of IT directors agreed strongly that communication with the board was improving, up from 27% in November last year.

And the improvement may in part be the result of better alignment between IT and business processes. The survey found that 72% of CIOs agreed that business processes were well integrated with IT systems, up from 67% in November.

This better alignment between IT and the business was reflected in IT chiefs' confidence that IT is delivering more demonstrable business value than a year ago. In November, 31% of respondents agreed strongly with this statement, compared to 38% in the latest survey.

Similarly, more CIOs agreed strongly that IT would be providing more demonstrable business value in a year's time - 55% in the latest survey, up from 49% in November.

Meanwhile, pressure on IT managers to spend time on activities that do not add value to the business appears to be easing. In the latest research, 58% agreed that software licensing was taking up less of their management time than a year ago.

By contrast, in November last year 40% of IT directors said they were spending less management time on software licence issues than a year earlier, and 66% said suppliers were becoming less accommodating to user needs.

This year, IT directors have also been finding it easier to convince the business to invest in IT activities that mitigate risks but do not necessarily boost business performance. The percentage of IT leaders who agreed strongly with the statement that IT security is adequately funded jumped from 22% in November to 32% in the latest survey.

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