News in brief: BSN Medical outsources, Wimax trial, Ecco signs IBM

Short takes on this week's news

Short takes on this week's news

BSN Medical outsources infrastructure to Unisys

BSN Medical has signed a five-year, £18.5m IT outsourcing contract with Unisys. BSN, an international provider of medical care products, will receive a range of services to enable the creation of a global integrated IT infrastructure and support 3,500 staff at 35 locations worldwide.

Second trial for Wimax wireless internet system

Pipex Wireless is to launch a second commercial trial of its Wimax long-range internet connectivity services, working with Warwick Council, National Grid Wireless and Intel. The trial will offer voice over IP, home workers' broadband and dedicated broadband connectivity using Wimax from three sites in the Warwick area.

Ecco signs IBM to modify SAP for global expansion

Shoemaker Ecco has signed a five-year, £6.3m IT services deal with IBM Global Services to support and modify an existing SAP system. IBM will support Ecco's R/3 systems and roll out new ERP modules to support the company's global expansion strategy. The Danish firm owns factories and has 500 shops in 60 countries.

TK Maxx customers warned after data breach

Discount clothes chain TK Maxx has warned its customers that their credit card details may have been compromised after a network breach at the company's US headquarters. Parent company TJX said hackers breached systems that process and store customer transactions. General Dynamics and IBM will lead its computer security and incident response strategy in response to the hack.

Man hurt after mobile phone ignites his clothes

A Californian man is seriously ill after his mobile phone apparently ignited his polyester and nylon clothing in a hotel room. Reports said the man suffered second- and third-degree burns over 50% of his body and was in a critical condition. The fire also set furniture alight in the room.

IT project finances under greater scrutiny, say CIOs

More than 80% of CIOs believe IT projects are under increasing financial scrutiny, yet 33% maintain that business benefits are not being monitored by management once projects had gone live, according to the annual CIO Connect Census.

Axminster rolls out networked PC control

Axminster Carpets has rolled out an endpoint security system to protect its distributed PC network. Using the DynaComm tool, IT managers can review daily threat reports and implement policy changes through group-based control of PCs.

Hackers find new ways to beat anti-virus tools

Virus writers are fighting back against anti-virus systems with websites that load Trojans onto PCs but deliver innocuous files to anti-virus companies. Other Trojans monitor firewalls and automatically click "yes" to alerts asking if the Trojan's activity is permitted, a report from Kaspersky Labs said.

Online sales lost due to inadequate supply chains

Retailers lost sales this Christmas because their supply chains were unable to cope with the level of demand from customers for online shopping, according to the Interactive Media in Retail Group.

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