Lloyds TSB is first with blade workstation from HP

HP has unveiled a blade workstation solution, and Lloyds TSB is among the first companies to use it.

HP has unveiled a blade workstation solution, and Lloyds TSB is among the first companies to use it.

Based on HP BladeSystem infrastructure, the HP ProLiant Blade Workstation Solution gives users the ability to quickly access workstation compute power from anywhere in the world using thin client devices or Microsoft Windows-based workstations, PCs and notebooks.

This type of solution is ideal for customers in the financial trading, public sector, and manufacturing industries, said HP.

Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets in London recently customized its 255-position trading floor with 280 HP ProLiant xw25p Blade Workstations.

The thin-client solution is used by traders in the foreign exchange, derivatives, and global commodities markets, as well as by sales traders in the derivatives and interest rate trading markets.

Benefits of the solution include significant cost savings in move/add/change (MAC) costs, system maintenance, power and cooling, and remote site operation, as well as improved data security, accessibility, work environment, disaster recovery support, and system uptime and availability.

“We were looking for something that was going to give a market edge to our traders, and for us, the HP Blade Workstation delivered on that,” said Colin Everett, head of IT strategy and infrastructure, financial markets at Lloyds TSB.

“Having invested substantially in new premises and recruitment within our expanding corporate markets division, we believe the HP blade workstations give us this edge and will translate into better client services – which can only help boost the bottom line,” said Everett.

The Lloyds TSB blades are stored in the datacentre and allow the IT department to add resources and apps when needed, and remotely feed them to users via a thin-client network.

HP blade workstation features include HP Remote Graphics software, real-time streaming video, 3D graphics and multiple display support.


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