SAP boosts compliance offering

SAP has expanded its range of solutions designed to help large and small enterprises manage governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

SAP has expanded its range of solutions designed to help large and small enterprises manage governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

SAP is adding three new products to its GRC offering, which already includes dozens of different products.

The new GRC products include SAP GRC Repository, SAP GRC Process Control and SAP GRC Risk Management.

Kathleen Wilhide, an analyst at IDC, said, "By combining legacy solutions with the product portfolio of SAP's recent acquisition of Virsa, SAP is offering the opportunity to organisations to integrate flexible governance, risk and compliance capabilities and implement processes that support continuous governance and enhanced performance."

SAP GRC Repository will document and maintain GRC information in a single central system of record, including corporate policies, board of director minutes, regulations, compliance and control frameworks, as well as key business processes.

SAP GRC Repository will also store and link risk and control libraries to multiple control frameworks and to international regulations. This centralisation of key GRC information simplifies risk management, promotes business transparency and cuts the costs associated with GRC initiatives, said SAP.

SAP GRC Process Control will offer a risk-based approach that aligns key controls to business risks in order to promote desired employee behaviour and optimise business processes, said SAP.

The process control application will automatically aggregate business process risks for the entire enterprise, provide supporting evidence of compliance, pinpoint control violations to prioritise corrective action and prevent material weaknesses from developing and persisting.

SAP GRC Risk Management will help customers to implement collaborative risk management processes that provide a thorough analysis of key business risks at multiple levels of the enterprise, across organisational entities, business processes and IT infrastructure.

SAP GRC Repository and SAP GRC Process Control will be generally available on 30 November. SAP GRC Risk Management will ship in December 2006. All three products will be sold individually.

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