IT pays women managers more than men

Female IT managers are paid more than their male counterparts, according to a survey of 2,288 senior IT managers.


Female IT managers are paid more than their male counterparts, according to a survey of 2,288 senior IT managers.

The research, by the Chartered Institute of Management, shows that the IT industry treats women more fairly than other sectors, with women IT managers earning an average of £700 more than their male counterparts.

“The main issue is that in IT, [men and women's] pay is broadly similar, while in the public sector there’s a £4,000 difference,” said CMI spokesman, Mike Petrook. "In financial services, the average salary is £55,700 for males and £41,700 for females."

The IT department is one of the most lucrative workplaces for women seeking a managerial position. Only general management, actuarial and financial posts pay women more.

The average female manager working in the IT department of a large user will be paid £43,488 this year. Last year, they were paid £41,748.

Both male and female IT professionals would increase their salaries by joining a IT supplier, the survey suggests. The average salary for a female manager at a supplier will be £45,869 this year, down from £47,315 in 2004.

Female managers, however, are more likely to leave their high-paying jobs than men. The turnover rate for female managers is 9.5%, compared with 6.5% for men, and the level of resignation is 3.9%. Just 2.5% of men resign from managerial posts.

* Some 3.6 million part-time employees work in jobs that fail to use the skills, qualifications or experience they developed when employed full time, according to a report from the Equal Opportunities Commission. In 2004, 44% of working women were employed part-time.


What female managers earn

General management   £50,750
Actuarial £45,059
Financial £44,697
IT £43,488
R&D £41,954
HR £41,680
Services £39,856
Manufacturing £37,415
Sales & marketing £37,392
Purchasing £36,291

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