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June 2006

Threat Monitor -- June 1, 2006
Preventing blind SQL injection attacks
By now, you probably know how to prevent SQL injection attacks, but your defense measures may be leaving a door open for attackers to launch blind SQL injections. In this tip, Web application security expert Michael Cobb explains how these SQL injection attacks occur, and offers tactics for protecting your Web applications.
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May 2006

Threat Monitor -- May 18, 2006
Skype: Its dangers and how to protect against them
Skype may be free, but it could cost your enterprise its security. This tip outlines the free VoIP solution's security risks and offers tips for keeping Skype off of the network.
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Threat Monitor -- May 4, 2006
How to protect your company against cybercrime
Thanks to the Internet's inherent anonymity, widespread reach and disjointed law enforcement status, cybercriminals have a lot to gain -- and enterprises have a lot to lose. In this tip, SearchSecurity expert and malware guru Ed Skoudis describes how organized cybercriminals use extortion and botnets to further their illicit activities, and how enterprises can protect themselves.
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