DYS gets reward from network management

Platform DYS Analytics has announced record annual revenue and highest profitability

Platform DYS Analytics, whose products and services manage messaging platforms, has announced record annual revenue and highest profitability during its fiscal year 2005.


The company boasts that its solid performance attests to strong market demand for email and its messaging and management optimisation solutions. Throughout fiscal 2005, DYS says it increased both new named account sales, as well as strong licence growth in the existing customer base.


Highlights include: highest company revenue in its history, up 20% over fiscal 2004; product licence revenue and profitability increased quarter over quarter from fiscal 2004; highest profitability in DYS' history; two-thirds of licence transactions in the year came from sales to first-time customers; licence sales to European-based multinationals grew with revenue, representing 30% of license revenue; 99% of licensed seats due for renewal during the year were indeed renewed; real-time collaboration management products representing over 20% of total license revenue.


DYS says that in 2005, companies spent approximately $65 per user for a 20,000-seat Microsoft Exchange 2003 network for admin, migration/upgrade and downtime costs. These costs were even higher at smaller firms - an estimated $141 per user. Yet, it estimates, some 90% of IBM Lotus Domino mailboxes and 85% of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes remain "unmanaged" while only 11 percent of organisations have implemented information management solutions.

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