Microsoft allies with ISSA for a security platform forum-- and more tech news briefs

Short takes on this week's technology news

Short takes on this week's technology news

Microsoft teams up with ISSA on education

The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), a global not-for-profit organisation of information security practitioners, has formed an alliance with Microsoft to offer a forum for security professionals, as well as security training and education.

US academics research open source development

A group of US academics has launched a three-year research project to investigate how open source software is built. The researchers from the University of California have secured a £400,000 grant from the US National Science Foundation to support the project. The investigation will focus on the Apache web server, the PostgreSQL database and the Python scripting language. The team will collect information from message boards, bug reports and e-mail discussion groups to build up a picture of how design teams organise themselves and interact with each other.

Itanium group to support move from legacy systems

The Itanium Solutions Alliance has launched a programme aimed at easing migration from legacy Sparc Solaris platforms to Intel Itanium 2 architecture. The move, announced at the Itanium Solutions Summit in San Francisco, is part of the group's mission to boost migration from proprietary computing platforms to open, industry-standard products based on Itanium architecture.

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