Verdiem devises software to help save power; EMC seals RSA deal and other announcements

Short takes on the week's news

Networked PC shutdown tool aims to save power

Verdiem has devised software to help cut IT power consumption. Its Surveyor product enables IT managers to quickly shut down all PCs on the network to reduce power consumption, Verdiem said.

EMC seals RSA deal and unveils security plan

EMC has completed its acquisition of RSA and unveiled a strategy to develop a common security platform which, it said, would provide users with a common, open baseline of built-in security for their information infrastructure.

Mobile companies get behind green programme

Mobile phone makers and network operators led by Nokia have signed up to a European Commission-driven intiative that aims to reduce the environmental impact of their products.

Hybrid silicon laser could bring more powerful chip

Intel and the University of California have built the first electrically powered hybrid silicon laser. Their work could lead to the development of more powerful processors. The researchers combined the light-emitting properties of indium phosphide with the light-routing capabilities of silicon into a single hybrid chip.

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