Sun enables online grid computing utility

Sun Microsystems has made available its Sun Grid Compute Utility via the internet.

Sun Microsystems has made available its Sun Grid Compute Utility via the internet.

Through a portal, says Sun, users such as developers, scientists, and researchers will now have easy, secure, affordable and flexible access to what it says is the world's first compute utility available at the price of $1/CPU-hour in the US.

The company believes that it is onto a winner by offering low barriers to entry and exit, easy access, and no long-term contracts. It says that given such qualities, the grid will likely see use in industries such as finance, oil and gas, education and life sciences, where users will be able to run complex computational tasks, technical applications and develop applications on Sun Grid.

"Sun is the first and only vendor to make a credible utility grid offering available via the internet," says Jonathan Schwartz, president and COO, Sun Microsystems. "By delivering computing as a service, Sun Grid helps developers, academics and computing professionals optimise time to results without investment in IT infrastructure. On-demand computing is now truly on demand - with a credit card and a web connection, not a complex outsourcing relationship."
Over 60 partners and independent software suppliers have committed to port and deploy applications on Sun Grid. These include MSC with its Nastran product, LSTC (LS-DYNA), Cepstral, Mathspec, Datasynapse, Platform, Turboworx, Gigaspaces and Paremus. Sun is also engaged in proof-of-concept testing of third party software on Sun Grid and a ‘broad range’ of commercial applications are planned to be made available on the Grid.

A pilot version of Sun Grid Compute Utility is available now via portal access for US. customers at Over the coming months, Sun will announce further details on international availability.

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