Orange Customer Fact Sheet: TriCAD

TriCAD Solutions Ltd was established in 2003 to provide high quality residential and commercial drawings for the purposes of planning applications, building surveys and level surveys.

TriCAD Solutions Ltd was established in 2003 to provide high quality residential and commercial drawings for the purposes of planning applications, building surveys and level surveys. The company consists of three directors who between them have 20 years of engineering and drawing experience.

Communications Challenge
TriCAD Solutions needed to increase the amount of time its surveyors spent out on location with customers. Previously, TriCAD staff used shared laptops in conjunction with PC’s based in home offices to conduct the majority of customer communications. However, when on location surveying properties, vital customer emails would frequently be missed and vital documentation was not at hand. With the previous system, it was also impossible for TriCAD surveyors to update drawings in real time while out on location. Any changes to the drawings had to be confined to a  paper based system and to memory. There was also a need to improve connectivity between the field operations and office.

Communications Overhaul
Being a small business, TriCAD Solutions could not justify a large scale wireless solution as this would have proved both costly and impractical. After reviewing a number of solutions, TriCAD Solutions selected the Orange SPV M2000. This offers an all-in-one device to make phone calls and access both the internet and corporate information such as email and intranet. It also enables staff to download drawings onto the device when at customer locations, which can then be updated in real time. The camera function is frequently used as a back up to location notes.

Orange Solution
Smartphone vs Laptops

When choosing the most appropriate device, TriCAD Solutions opted for the smartphone as its primary out of office device, due to its true mobile data functionality, cost effectiveness and usability. 

SPV M2000
Benefits of the device include:
 Platform: the SPV uses the familiar Microsoft Windows Pocket PC Platform. Users are comfortable and familiar with Windows applications and this provided an advantage over other PDA-type devices using a different platform
 The SPV M2000 is compliant with Bluetooth which enables the device to work with TriCAD’s surveying equipment. The SD cards support the download of large data files and, once updated on the smartphone, these can easily be synchronised with the PC on return to the office

“For a small business such as ours, it isn’t possible to invest a large amount of money in an expensive, complicated mobile infrastructure. Both the Orange SPV M2000 and the tariff, Business Plus makes complete financial sense to a small business. It is no exaggeration to say that the SPV M2000 has completely replaced the need for our laptops and means that we can, for the first time, take the traditional set up of our home office out on the road.’’

Mark Drummond, Director, TriCAD Solutions

Customer ROI
TriCAD Solutions’ business has benefited dramatically since the switch to the SPV M2000 devices:
 The SPV M2000 has meant that TriCAD’s employees can now spend more time out on location, surveying sites for their customers. New job details can be received while out on location which means new customers are no longer kept waiting. This has resulted in an ever increasing customer base
 Due to the ability to receive new customer details while out on location, job allocations have been substantially sped up, increasing the number of customers successfully served each day
 Orange was able to provide TriCAD Solutions with a detailed comparison on cost before and after they implemented the SPV M2000’s on the Orange network. The results showed TriCAD Solutions made a 17.7% cost saving over a period of just three months

“It is vital to for all businesses that they be able to work in real-time to maintain what business they have and continue to support growth. At Orange we strongly support small businesses and look to give them the best head-start when it comes to providing their mobile solutions.’’

Debbie Morris, SME marketing director, Business Solutions, Orange

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