Orange Customer Fact Sheet: Taylor Woodrow

Taylor Woodrow is a leading developer of sustainable communities of high quality homes, employing over 7,000 people worldwide. .

Taylor Woodrow is a leading developer of sustainable communities of high quality homes, employing over 7,000 people worldwide. The primary business is homebuilding, which accounts for 95% of its operating profit from across the UK, North America and Spain. Established in 1921, Taylor Woodrow has 4,600 team members in the UK based out of 11 regional offices and a central Solihull headquarters.

Business Challenge
Taylor Woodrow Facilities Management has a large workforce of mobile repair technicians (MRTs) who are permanently mobile and on the road. The MRTs were looking to provide their customers with a quicker response time, and were keen to adopt an improved method of issuing and administering work orders.  In the past, these work orders had to be issued and cleared at the beginning and end of each day's work from the MRT employees’ homes using a combination of paper and laptop. It was decided that a system for the 'real-time’, automatic issuing and updating of work orders was needed.

In addition to this, Taylor Woodrow wished to reduce the cost of voice calls to and from their staff mobile phones.

Communications Overhaul
As the incumbent operator to Taylor Woodrow, the Orange Wirefree Extension (OWE) voice link was initially chosen to reduce voice costs. However, Orange recognised that an upgrade to the Orange Link Voice and Data solution (OLVD) would provide both voice and data requirements in a single cost-effective package. The availability of appropriate user devices, such as the Orange SPV M2000, contributed to Taylor Woodrow's decision to install the OLVD solution.

Taylor Woodrow's MRTs have been issued with Orange SPV M2000's, replacing the laptops. These provide a more portable, direct real-time connection to the Taylor Woodrow data centre via a secure IP link. As calls are logged by the helpdesk, work orders are automatically issued to the SPV M2000. The technician can then accept, update or complete the work order at any time throughout the day. This provides the helpdesk agents and customers with real-time call status information and feedback. Additionally, the device software is used to collect other useful information such as vehicle mileage statistics.

Voice calls were previously routed over the PSTN network, accounting for the largest proportion of the company's voice expenditure. Installation of the fixed OLVD link means that the PSTN network can be avoided, with calls routed directly from the Taylor Woodrow data centre to the Orange mobile network. This also led to features such as internal numbering - where calls from the company desk phones are now presented to Taylor Woodrow mobile phones in their internal four-digit extension number form, as opposed to appearing as a 'withheld number'.    Calls from mobiles to landlines are also routed over the OLVD link, where users can simply dial the four digit extension number.

Orange Solution – Orange Link Voice and Data (OLVD)
OLVD is an intelligent solution that enables enterprises to access both voice and data services through a single intelligent leased line, combining multiple network infrastructures  into a single  interface to the Orange network.  Currently most businesses are addressing voice and data needs with separate networks and this is costly in terms of investment and management.  OLVD minimises costs whilst also implementing data solutions without the need for a newly installed infrastructure. Being ‘intelligent’ OLVD can automatically allocate the minimal amount of bandwidth needed to match requirements. This means that  Orange customers can save up to 30% by using OLVD, when compared to buying voice and data services separately.

"Orange has been Taylor Woodrow’s supplier of choice since 2001. The implementation of Orange Link Voice and Data has brought numerous benefits beyond that of the standard voice service. These include us being able to efficiently mobilise our Facilities Management workforce, which in turn has led to significant business productivity enhancement. As a result, we have sought to extend our contract with Orange Business Solutions to March 2007"

Gareth Kirby, IT Development Analyst, Taylor Woodrow

Customer ROI
Benefits Taylor Woodrow has been able to achieve using Orange Link Voice and Data include:
• Since OLVD installation, the accuracy of the data collected has improved from a 40% to 100% accuracy rate every time, compared to the previous paper based system
• Routing calls over the OLVD link immediately produced enormous voice cost savings. An average of £9,000 per month was saved
• Much faster response times  to Taylor Woodrow customers was achieved through being able to use the SPV M2000s in real time
• An substantial  increase in staff productivity was seen, due to enhanced mobile features and reduction in paperwork

"Taylor Woodrow takes its customers service extremely seriously and OLVD has allowed the company to improve response times while also offering its technicians greater flexibility in terms of where and how they work. The business case for a combined voice and data solution is crystal clear, both through the reduction in basic voice costs and through the availability of vital information in real time"

Further information can be found on the Orange website Click here 

Alastair MacLeod, VP, Orange Business Solutions

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