New IM worm hits AOL

A new worm has hit AOL’s AIM instant messaging system.

A new worm has hit AOL’s AIM instant messaging system.

A worm using the "LOL LOOK AT HIM" message header spread yesterday, and included a malicious web link.

If used, the link allowed the worm to send itself to all contacts on the user’s AIM buddy list. 

The worm has been identified as a variant of the existing Opanki worm.

Threats to users of instant messaging (IM) services are continuing to rise, with IM security researcher Akonix recording over 50 new threats specifically aimed at IM services and peer-to-peer networks last month.

Included in the posted alerts Akonix put out during May were seven variants of the Kelvir worm, which is aimed at MSN Messenger, and six for the Opanki worm aimed at AOL IM users.

IMlogic, another IM security researcher, has previously said IM threats are going up 50% a month.

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