Mobile data available in more places

Orange extends GPRS roaming to more than 140 networks in 73 countries

 Orange has taken the lead in international mobile data by offering its customers GPRS roaming in more countries than any other UK network.

Customers can now access data services, from email usage to mobile internet access, while abroad with a similar level of service as they receive in the UK and with transparent pricing.

Business executives are less likely to have sleepless nights in foreign climes, safe in the knowledge that mobile data services are increasingly available wherever they travel to help them stay on top of everything happening back at the office.

To build on its coverage lead, Orange has developed a range of mobile roaming services to help executives remain productive while travelling by providing a consistent usage experience with that received in the UK:

  • ‘One button’ voicemail access, as in the UK
  • Caller line identification so users know who’s calling, as in the UK 
  • No need for UK country code prefix (+44) when dialling, as in the UK
  • Shortcode access to Orange services such as business customer services (158), which is now free of charge to access when abroad

Using a mobile handset abroad in exactly the same way as in the UK requires seamless roaming.  Orange has developed seamless roaming agreements with 131 networks in 67 countries.

“Travelling executives no longer want to rely on expensive hotel telephone and internet connections. They can use mobile technology, be it a data card equipped laptop, a smartphone or a Blackberry. They need a consistent service from their mobile network operator at a fair cost, regardless of where they are travelling.” said Shaun Orpen, marketing director, Business Solutions, Orange UK.

Orange is also offering a series of transparent roaming pricing initiatives:

  • No subscription fee or setup fee for business
  • Consistent flat rate data tariffs, regardless of the network used or country when travelling
  • Per second billing on international voice calls
  • Per kilobyte billing with no minimum charge
  • Free calls to customer service

“We led simple pricing tariffs in voice with innovations such as per second billing. Now we’re making it even easier for customers with mobile data roaming per kilobyte billing.  It is now easier for companies to plan their mobile use and enable their employees to have access to information from wherever they are,” continued Shaun Orpen.

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