Networks news in brief

Short takes from this week's network news

Nokia supports web services on Symbian

Nokia plans to include support for web services in all smartphones running the Symbian operating system by 2006.

Nokia said two protocol families were emerging, one based on Session Initiation Protocol, from a voice background, and the other web services, emerging from IT suppliers such as Sun and Microsoft. Nokia intends to allow applications to be developed using both.

3Com updates NBX branch exchange OS

3Com has updated its NBX operating system for private branch exchanges and released four new IP phones. NBX version 5.0 has more automatic call distributor features for call centre applications, and advanced call and message features.

The PBX software supports up to 900 agents.

City-wide trial for Telabria's WiMax

Service provider Telabria has begun a city-wide trial of WiMax broadband wireless technology in Canterbury, Kent, several weeks before it launches its commercial wireless broadband service.

The trial is taking place in collaboration with the University of Kent, is hosting the base stations. It will include voice, video and data transfer, and bidirectional videoconferencing over a 10mbps link from the university to a mobile Land Rover.

Carriers expanding to offer VoIP services

IP telephony adoption continued to grow among telecoms carriers in the first quarter of 2005, according to a report by networking analyst firm Dell'Oro Group. This was fuelled by a 30% increase in software switch subscriber licences, which saw a 60% growth year on year.

These switches support more than 11 million subscribers on packet-based next-generation networks, said Steve Raab, director of IP telephony research at Dell'Oro Group. He added that most of these are being deployed to support voice-over-broadband services.

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