Managed service provider warns of security risk

FrontBridge Technologies, a provider of secure managed messaging services, has warned business email users of recent anomalies on...

FrontBridge Technologies, a provider of secure managed messaging services, has warned business e-mail users of recent anomalies on its network that point to a flood of spam and viruses aimed at corporate desktops.

By the end of  April 2005, spam volumes on the global FrontBridge network reached record highs with peak levels reaching 94%. Viruses also rose sharply driven by a new strain of the SOBER Worm. FrontBridge regards itself as one of the world’s largest global email handlers, processing more than 5 billion business email messages a month for more than 3,700 companies.

On the network, spam email averaged 84.6% of total inbound e-mail in April with a daily high of 94% on April 10 and message volume also sharply rose to a peak total of 237 million messages on April 22. FrontBridge attributes the rise in spam volume to large increases in Russian language and stock offer spam and say that for companies not protected by perimeter-based managed services, a single exponential increase in spam email could potentially crash an e-mail system.

Comments Charles McColgan, chief technology officer for FrontBridge Technologies: “We’re seeing new types of erratic behaviour that’s leading us to believe that the profile of spam is changing. Our research is starting to show new types of message strains that very frequently change their content, limiting the effectiveness of more primitive filters. Our advanced content and context analysis techniques have stopped the bulk of these new types of threats.”

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