British ID Cards on high priority if Labour returns to power -- and more news briefs

Short takes from this week's news

Short takes from this week's news

ID cards high priority for Labour third term

ID cards will be a "major plank" of the Queen's speech if Labour is returned to power, Alan Milburn, Labour's general election
co-ordinator, has said. Early reintroduction of the scheme, which will rely on biometric ID cards and a central population database, has the backing of the prime minister and home secretary.

Atos downgrades rail settlement storage plan

Atos Origin has chosen a consolidated storage system for the £4.1bn Rail Settlement Plan, run on behalf of the Association of Train Operating Companies. The originally anticipated 14Tbyte RSP archive has been replaced by a 700Gbyte searchable archive from Sand, which will enable high-performance and complex analytics on 15 years' worth of mission-critical data using the Sand Analytic Server.

SMEs place onus for spam filtering on ISPs

Internet service providers should take responsibility for filtering spam e-mails and viruses,  77% of small businesses believe. Sixty six per cent of the small firms surveyed by Checkbridge said they would be willing to pay between £1 and £2 a month for filtering services. Some 8% would pay £5 or more per user per month, the survey of 11,000 SMEs and consumers revealed

Threshers places drinks order with JDA and E3

Specialty drinks retailer Thresher Group has combined a JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management System-I and Advanced Warehouse Replenishment by E3 to manage the inventory that flows from its seven warehouse locations to nearly 2,000 nationwide stores. Thresher Group wanted to eliminate the problems often associated with a "pull" method of distribution, where stores including Threshers, Wine Rack, Victoria Wine, Bottoms Up, Huttons and Drinks Cabin ordered from a product catalogue on a weekly basis.

ALG to monitor BA's flight profitability

British Airways has signed a contract with ALG Software to analyse and report on the profitability of its flights. The software uses an activity-based costing methodology to calculate the costs and profitability for different routes. It is accessed via the web and a Windows-based PC-client application.

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