Fathers for justice suspect arrested

Sheffield man arrested

A Sheffield man has been arrested by police for allegedly being connected to the Mirsa email worm, which spread at the beginning of this year to drum up support for the Fathers 4 Justice campaign.

The man is also accused of hacking into online dating website loveandfriends.com.

The suspect was arrested under the Computer Misuse Act and has been released on bail pending further enquiries and a computer forensics analysis.

Security software company Sophos reported in January about a possible clue buried inside one of the Mirsa worms, which suggested the author was from the Sheffield area.

Hidden inside the Mirsa-A virus, and not normally displayed to the infected user, was a section of text which read "sheffield hallam university is corrupt".

"Police had a strong lead to pursue when it was realised that the worm included a hidden reference to Sheffield," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos.

"It's possible, however, that ultimately the investigation into a hacked dating website resulted in the identification of a suspected virus writer."

Fathers 4 Justice has denied any involvement with the Mirsa viruses.

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