SME gets CRM for £10 a seat

Netcollaborators launches new CRM service for SMEs

A new online business collaboration and customer relationship management service designed specifically for the small business sector has been launched by Netcollaborators.


The intranet service is intended to give SMEs the ability of being able to analyse and use customer data and link dispersed teams without incurring high costs.


The web-based service costs £10 per seat per month and has no set-up charges or software to load up or update. Netcollaborators will helps clients load up their existing data into the Netcollaborator CRM applications.


Company director Jim Strong comments:   “Small businesses have little time to spend on adopting new complex systems, so we have kept everything simple and direct. We reckon if you can use email you will be able to pick this up service in no time.”


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