OGC looks at mobile benefits for government

The OGC is considering mobile working to deliver greater efficiency in government departments.

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is considering how mobile working can deliver greater efficiency in government departments.

The OGC commissioned a report from Socitm Consulting to study ways that its own staff could improve their productivity and efficiency, and will now use the report to consider how other government departments can adopt mobile technology.

The OGC said there is a growing requirement within the department for mobile working, as a significant number of OGC staff work part time or flexibly from various OGC offices, as well as from other government and non-governmental offices.

OGC staff also require mobile working facilities when working from home and while they are on the move, said the OGC.

The OGC has also recognised that, as well as offering greater flexibility, mobile working can generate greater efficiency and will help it to deliver the cost savings required of every government department following the Gershon report.

The key OGC requirements for mobile working are access to email, the internet and the OGC Electronic Document and Records Management System. The OGC has also started a wireless Lan pilot within OGC offices.

Socitm Consulting has advised the OGC as to how it can adopt and develop its data access technologies.

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