Marconi unveils hosted apps first

Marconi has revealed what is calls Europe's first hosted key system application.

Marconi has revealed what is calls Europe's first hosted key system application.

Developed in conjunction with Mitel Networks, the new Impact UltraKey aims to allow service providers to offer a range of hosted voice and web services over a common broadband connection. Marconi regards this as particularly suitable for small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs).

With Impact UltraKey, service providers can expand their existing portfolio of services to SMEs, creating an additional revenue stream on top of their broadband access service. Gamma Telecom, the UK's fastest-growing alternative service provider, is currently trialling the new application.

Impact UltraKey is a hosted application, residing in a service provider network. Through a broadband connection it can provide SMEs with traditional and advanced voice services.

As a hosted application, Impact UltraKey does not require any large equipment, maintenance or staff involvement when a new line is needed. This helps the service provider reduce capital expenditure while delivering an 'always right size' service to SMEs.

Once deployed, service providers can offer bundled web access and voice connectivity over a common line. This reduces network access charges as well as providing the SME with additional voice functionalities, including multi-site inter-working and integration of home workers; call routing services; voice messaging; and auto-attendant.

Impact UltraKey can be easily expanded as the SME grows and can offer best-in-class, web-based self-provisioning.

"As the availability of broadband access continues to grow rapidly, service providers need to expand their broadband access portfolio of services to deliver hosted IP services," said Kevin Hourigan, vice-president of Marconi's SoftSwitch product group.

"The Impact UltraKey can deliver a variety of voice and web services to better meet the needs of small businesses who want technology that can grow as they grow."

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